Tattoo artist Keith u201cBang Bangu201d McCurdy has inked the likes of Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn, Adele, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez u2014 and Gigi Hadid is probably joining the club soon, too, he told Refinery29 while chatting about his first book. Bang Bang: My Life in Ink, hits shelves today, after he Valentino Shoes Sale worked hard and fast to make it happen. </strong>u201cI cold-called Harper Collins a year and a half ago, saying u2018Hey, Iu2019m Bang Bang, that tattoo artist u2014 I want to write a book.u2019u201d McCurdy said. u201cThat got me an email address; I spent a night writing an email, and that email got me a book deal. Then, I spent a year actually writing the book.u201d

Though McCurdy has worked with an array of big names, donu2019t expect him to remember them all. u201cIu2019m so under a rock; I donu2019t know who most of the celebrities I work with are until I meet them,u201d He goes on to add: u201cI donu2019t know whou2019s dating who; Iu2019m six months late to everything. I just started listening to The Weeknd, like, a month ago.u201d He might be a bit oblivious about the tabloid-y minutiae surrounding some of his biggest clients, but once they get inked, McCurdy remains in close contact: u201cI stay in touch with everybody; 90% of my clients are in my phone, and I text them on a regular basis.u201d

That's how he connects with prospective clients, too. u201cIu2019m looking forward to working on Gigi Hadid u2014 weu2019ve been texting for a year straight about it! Iu2019m not sure what weu2019re going to do design-wise, but at some point, thatu2019s going to happen.u201d Granted, it could be quite a bit longer until the model is fully ready to commit: u201cEvery time I think about getting a tattoo, I draw it on myself for a month and by the end I'm usually over it,u201d Hadid told blog Friend of a Friend back in May, noting that if she does finally decide on a piece, itu2019ll likely be u201csomething with a lot of meaning and very small.u201d


Since he's known for crafting intricate, small-scale designs, McCurdy is just the guy for the gig, u201cItu2019s hard to find a great tattoo artist whou2019s eager to do a small tattoo. Most want to do the most difficult work possible, and they feel u2018aboveu2019 certain tattoos,u201d McCurdy says. His dream fashion client is Yohji Yamamoto u2014 u201cI go Valentino Sale into Y-3 and buy everything, all the timeu201d u2014 and, posthumously, Alexander McQueen. u201cIf I could flash back in time, I wouldu2019ve loved to tattoo [McQueen]; heu2019s my favorite fashion designer, ever.